The details of our harvester cranes represent the latest know-how, and every feature is accurately tested and in practice highly developed.  The parallel boom system of our crane which enables the harvester head to be moved linearly in the horizontal direction using only one cylinder, is fast and economical in use.

The speed and accuracy of the crane movements , sufficient slewing torque and reliability are things for the professional, things that are not compromised the slightest. The slewing cylinders have an end damping, which prevents the slewing mechanism from damage under heavy use.

Technical specifications

For detailed information click on the values marked in red in the chart below
(outreach – max lifting capacity, kg):


7.6 8.3 9.0 9.7 10.0 10.3 11.0 11.1
131 H 580
141 H 1010
181 H 1100 940 770
221 H 1760 1380 1180
241 H 1540 1510
280 H 1700
285 H 2050
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